Cleric Necromancer of Charon


Early Childhood
Erebus had a troubled childhood. Never knowing his father, Erebus witnessed his mother die at a very early age. His uncle, Temrus, a librarian cleric, was left with the task of raising Erebus. At an early age, Erebus found haven in the endless texts of his uncles library. It wasn’t long before he found restricted books on necromancy and became enthralled by their texts. After discovering Erebus’ intrusions, Temrus kicked him out but not before Erebus stole the books.

Soon after, Erebus used his medical knowledge to fund his travels in his search for more insight on necromancy. Although Erebus grew up without friends of love of family, he was no longer alone. His work with the undead gave him a goal: to create a sanctuary for his work and others like him.

Coming to Inthe

Employed by Kor
Early in his travels, Erebus joined a short lived group of adventurers employed by the noble, Kor. Early in their service, Erebus was met with Zarhym, a young Mehrim Demon. Erebus quickly befriended this demon and encouraged it to slay the Ogres of the North.
In the following days, Erebus and his party set off the Shah Day Massacre of Inthe. Although the public never knew it, it was Erebus who killed everyone in Herod’s Butcher Shoppe. Following these events, the group fled the city and disappeared into the Eionwoods.

A Return to Inthe

On finding Charon
Within the restricted book of necromancy lies a passage of the patron god, Charon. Listed underneath is a ritual to commune with him. As a child, Erebus cast this ritual to ask of his mother. However, when the time came, all that came out was, “Would you be my friend?”
As one of very few followers of Charon, Erebus has quickly gained Charon’s favor and has been rewarded with immense control of the Undead.


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